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What are We Looking for in a Title Search?

What are We Looking for in a Title Search?

Before you purchase a property, it is essential to conduct a thorough title search, and the best move is to have an experienced Boca Raton real estate attorney conduct the search for you. The following are some possible issues that a title search might uncover:

Public record errors – When errors happen during the filing of a deed with public agencies, they need to be corrected before you close on the property.

Liens – Banks or other creditors can place liens against a property to enforce a judgment against the property owner. If you purchase a home, you can accrue these liens if you do not identify them and clear up the issue with the seller before you close.

Boundary or survey issues – What neighbors think are boundary lines of your soon-to-be property might differ from official surveys on file. This can result in neighbors laying claim to part of your land, which can create disputes.

Easements or encumbrances – These give a third party the right to use the property in a limited scope, but they also can impact your ability to use the property as you choose. You should be aware and willing to accept any easements or other encumbrances before you purchase a property.

Wills and probate – If someone passed away, you should know whether the land ownership was transferred to another heir through a will or under Florida intestate laws. This can interfere with your purchase and ownership of the property.

Seek Help from a Boca Raton Real Estate Attorney

If you plan to purchase a property, always have an experienced Boca Raton real estate lawyer conduct a thorough title search and address any title defects that might exist. The legal team at Rubino Findley, PLLC, can help, so please contact us online to discuss your real estate purchase today.


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