Rubino Findley, PLLC is proud to announce that attorney Joseph Mannino has joined our Firm as an Of Counsel attorney.

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Probate Litigation
Probate Litigation

Probate Litigation

It is important to work with an experienced probate litigation attorney

Even though a person may establish a will before their passing, this will does not absolutely guarantee that his or her wishes will be followed according to the terms of the will, after his or her death. Generally speaking, a court must allow an opportunity for others to make an objection, also called a will contest, because they wish to challenge the validity of the will itself or the terms laid out in the will. When one of these situations arises, it is important to work with an experienced probate litigation attorney.

At Rubino Findley, PLLC, our legal team has the experience necessary to represent clients in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Broward County and the surrounding communities who want to proceed with a will contest or who are facing or defending a probate litigation case. The typical basis for a will contest includes allegations that a will was not properly executed, that it was invalidated by a version of the will created later, that the will was ambiguous, or that the will was the result of forgery, duress or undue influence. When you are facing one of these difficult situations, just know you are not alone. Rubino Findley, PLLC is here to provide you with tenacious probate litigation.

Do you need to make a will contest for a loved one’s will? The team at Rubino Findley, PLLC is here to represent you in your case. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our probate attorneys.