Rubino Findley, PLLC is proud to announce that attorney Joseph Mannino has joined our Firm as an Of Counsel attorney.

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Real Estate Disputes/litigation
Real Estate Disputes/litigation

Real Estate Disputes/litigation

Don’t go into litigation without the power of an attorney by your side

The real estate industry is constantly going through a flux of new regulations and innovations. During real estate transactions there are often disputes that can arise affecting both buyers and sellers. Property owners can experience these Real Estate disputes when working within the commercial and residential sectors, and without qualified legal representation, they can cause serious frustration. To ensure that you reach a successful outcome in your real estate dispute, it is vital to work with an experienced Boca Raton real estate disputes attorney from Rubino Findley, PLLC.

Here at Rubino Findley, PLLC, we represent clients throughout Palm Beach County, Broward County and the surrounding communities who are facing real estate disputes and litigation. Our team has experience resolving disputes that result from disagreements over ownership rights, property boundaries and value, homeowner association and condominium association disputes, title insurance matters and more. We analyze the details of your situation so that we can build a solid case on your behalf and advocate for you fiercely, should your case result in litigation. Navigating real estate law can be complex, so it is important to hire a qualified attorney to represent you in your case.

Are you facing a real estate dispute? Don’t go into litigation without the power of an attorney by your side. Reach out to us at Rubino Findley, PLLC to speak with a member of our legal team and schedule your free consultation.