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Options for Resolving Construction Disputes

Options for Resolving Construction Disputes


Construction disputes can frequently arise, both during the performance of the contract and afterward. Both parties to the contract have rights and obligations. Not every construction dispute will go to litigation.

Many disagreements are resolved through negotiation and communication. Each party may communicate its own point of view to the other, either verbally or through their attorney. If the parties are having difficulty resolving the dispute, they may even enlist a mediator to help them talk. The negotiations could result in an agreement or a modification to the existing contract. If parties want a neutral party to decide their dispute without the expense and bitterness of litigation, they may even opt for arbitration. Talking is usually preferable to litigation.

Some disputes can be difficult to resolve, and one or both parties may file a lawsuit. Although this is an expensive and time-consuming step, it may be necessary when an agreement cannot be reached. Filing a lawsuit does not mean that your case will go to trial. Usually, the two parties will continue negotiations throughout the pre-trial process. An actual trial is very rare, as most cases will settle before they reach the jury.

You should consult with an experienced construction law attorney when you realize that you are involved in a dispute. Your lawyer can help you determine the best course of action and whether you have time to negotiate. Hiring an attorney can actually reduce the chances of a trial and increase the chances of a favorable resolution to your dispute.

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