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Who Do You Want as Your POA?

Who Do You Want as Your POA?

Choosing someone to act as your agent with power of attorney is a choice that should not be taken lightly. This is a person who will have an immense amount of power to make healthcare and financial decisions on your behalf. The wrong choice can cause problems for you and your family at a difficult time.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a POA

The first consideration is that the potential agent has the expertise necessary to make decisions. For example, if the person has a financial power of attorney, they should be financially literate. The person with a medical power of attorney should be able to talk to doctors and process medical information.

Second, you also want someone who is nearby to you to make decisions. This is extremely important when dealing with medical choices because people need to see things firsthand with their own eyes.

Third, choose someone who has the ability to operate under pressure and in difficult conditions. When you need an agent, it is under tough circumstances when the person will need to consider various inputs and factors. They will need to speak with experts and clearly focus on the tasks at hand.

Finally, the person with power of attorney needs to be able to communicate and work with the rest of the family. People may not always agree on difficult decisions, and families must work together. You should choose someone who has the ability to build consensus, even though they have the final say over what happens.

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