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Do All Business Disputes Go to Court?

Do All Business Disputes Go to Court?

Although you may have an image in your mind of every case ending up in front of a judge, the truth is that a trial is very rare in any kind of court case. There are many off-ramps before you reach an actual trial that could resolve your dispute.

Many parties are able to reach a resolution without going to court at all. They may engage the other party through their attorney and work out a solution after some negotiation. If the dispute is more difficult, the parties may hire a mediator to help them talk with each other, or they may go to arbitration.

Even if one party files a lawsuit, the case would most likely be resolved before it reaches a trial. If the judge does not dismiss the case entirely, the litigants will continue to talk to each other through their lawyers throughout the case. The judge may even try to facilitate a settlement of the case before trial.

The most common time when cases are settled is at the conclusion of discovery, right before the trial. Each party realizes that they have risks and costs of a full trial, and they want to manage their own risk. There is an incentive to settle a case.

However, there may be times when you have no choice but to proceed to trial. Either you cannot work out a solution, or there is no resolution that is sufficient to address your concerns. An experienced attorney would present your case to the court.

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