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Is Arbitration Right for Your Case?

Is Arbitration Right for Your Case?

When disputes arise between parties to a contract, business partners, or other parties, there are different ways to resolve them. Sometimes, informal negotiations or communications between attorneys is enough to reach an agreement with arbitration. In other situations, the matter might escalate to litigation, which can be costly for everyone involved.

Resolving disputes as efficiently as possible should be a priority, and this is why alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a commonly-used option. One form of ADR that is common in business disputes is called arbitration.

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is often compared to trial in court, though it is a less formal and drawn-out process. Both sides (through their attorneys) present their arguments before one or three arbitrators, and they make the decision on how to resolve the issue. Arbitration is binding, so there can be risk, but if you have a strong case, arbitration can be a convenient and confidential option to resolve a dispute.

Should You Use Arbitration?

Arbitration is not right for every case. On the other hand, arbitration can be required in certain cases. Our attorneys know how to review any agreements or contracts at issue and determine whether you agreed to arbitrate any disputes when you signed the agreement. If so, we will try to settle the matter informally and then can represent you in arbitration if needed.

If there is no requirement, it is still a good idea to fully understand your dispute resolution options. We want to find a way to resolve your case that is best for you and your company.

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