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Are You Closing on a Home? Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

Are You Closing on a Home? Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

The real estate closing process can be fraught with potential difficulties. The last thing you need when you are closing on a home is to have one of these hurdles sink your deal. Further, if something goes wrong during closing, you may find yourself on the hook if something goes wrong later. Hiring a real estate closing attorney is an investment that you make in your deal that could protect you from potential liability.

Florida law does not require you to have an attorney when you close on a home. However, it is an investment that you should consider making, both to make things easier for you and to give you legal peace of mind. Your real estate attorney can begin to help you early in the process by reviewing or drafting the necessary sales contracts. A real estate agent can only do so much, and they cannot give you any legal advice during the process.

Here are some ways in which an experienced real estate attorney can help during closing:

  • Helping you resolve issues that may arise during an inspection
  • Performing a title search to learn of encumbrances
  • Assisting you when you need to negotiate contingencies is the sales contract
  • Reviewing the contract to ensure that the terms are clear and unambiguous
  • Preparing the deed and other title transfer papers

If you attempt a DIY approach to a real estate closing, you could be hit with sudden and unexpected surprises in the future.

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