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Rear-end Crashes Can Still Cause Serious Injuries

Rear-end Crashes Can Still Cause Serious Injuries

Many people associate head-in crashes with the most serious injuries and think of rear-end crashes as more minor. The reality is somewhat different. Drivers can suffer life-altering injuries in these accidents.

One of the most common injuries in rear-end crashes is whiplash. Do not let the common nature of this injury lead you to believe that it is minor. Whiplash can cause both head and neck injuries that require intensive treatment. Even worse, whiplash can cause the brain to move inside the skull, leading to a traumatic brain injury. In some cases, this can result in permanent brain damage. In addition, this could require surgery and physical therapy to treat the injuries.

These Can Be Dangerous Crashes

Oftentimes, rear-end accidents will occur at a high speed. A common cause is when a driver is distracted by their cell phone and does not see the car in front of them. There is no time for them to brake, and the impact is hard. While your car may not move, your body certainly will. Most of all, your head will snap forward.

Other injuries that can result from a rear-end collision include:

  • Fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Ligament damage
  • Lacerations

Each of these injuries can be expensive to treat. In addition, they can impact you by causing you to miss work and some of the hobbies and pursuits that you previously enjoyed. The good news is that the driver who rear-ended you is almost always the one to blame for the accident. They would need to pay you financial compensation for the damages that you suffered.

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