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Resolving a Vendor Dispute

Resolving a Vendor Dispute

Many businesses rely on vendors to succeed. Vendors might deliver produce to a restaurant, building materials to a construction site, or provide maintenance and cleaning services to a commercial building. No matter what type of vendors you work with, it can cause serious disruptions and possible losses if your vendor fails to fulfill their obligations as agreed.

Vendors might deliver late, deliver the wrong items, only partially fulfill an order, or otherwise not provide your company with the goods and services it needs. This, in turn, can prevent you from fulfilling your promises to clients and customers, which can be costly – both financially and to your reputation.

It is important to resolve vendor disputes right away and ensure you minimize your losses. Our Boca Raton contract dispute attorneys can help you find the most effective solution to the conflict. Some ways we can help include:

  • Negotiations – Informal negotiations with your vendor can often resolve a problem. We can inform the vendor of their failure to abide by the contract and present options to fix the issue. Many vendors are willing to work directly with our legal team to avoid any further legal action.
  • Mediation – If you need additional assistance to get the vendor to cooperate, we can represent you during mediation proceedings. These proceedings aim to get parties to compromise and find a favorable solution for everyone.
  • Litigation – If it comes to it, we can file a breach of contract claim on your company’s behalf to seek relief for the vendor’s failure to fulfill its obligations.

Let a Boca Raton Contract Dispute Lawyer Help

At Rubino Findley, PLLC, our Boca Raton contract dispute attorneys have many methods of resolving vendor disputes and other contract defaults. Contact us online or call 561.220.8464 to speak with our legal team and learn how we can be of assistance.


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