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Taking Action for Trade Secret Theft

Taking Action for Trade Secret Theft

Trade secrets are critical assets for many businesses, and even with all of the proper protections, employees or competitors can still steal trade secrets and misuse the information for an unfair advantage. If your company had any trade secrets stolen, you should discuss the legal action you should take with a Boca Raton business litigation attorney right away.

Relief for Trade Secret Theft

In order to have legal rights to protect your trade secrets, you must ensure the information is not easily accessible and is treated as confidential within your organization. This includes having those with access sign non-disclosures agreements, having information password-protected, and more.

If you properly protected your trade secrets, you can take action if someone misappropriated the information under state law. You can file a claim with the proper court seeking different forms of relief, such as:

  • An injunction to stop the parties from exposing or using the confidential information
  • Money damages for any losses of your company or wrongful gain of other parties

You must present evidence to prove that the party wrongfully acquired the confidential information, improperly disclosed the information, or actively used the information to their wrongful advantage over your company. With the right legal help, you can hopefully stop the wrongful use of your IP and recover for all the losses – including consumer goodwill – that your company incurred as a result of the theft.

Consult with a Boca Raton Business Litigation Lawyer Right Away

At Rubino Findley, PLLC, we represent companies of all types and sizes and help them protect their intellectual property. We also take action when someone commits theft or another business tort against your company. We can also defend against claims brought against your company for trade secret misappropriation. Contact us online or call 561.220.0741 for more information about how we can help.


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