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Why Should I Work with an Estate Planning Attorney?

Why Should I Work with an Estate Planning Attorney?

Estate planning is an important way to plan for the future, regardless of age. In fact, estate planning is a process that even young adults should consider in order to provide for their children or family members should anything unexpected happen. Attempting to do estate planning on your own can be overwhelming, so it is helpful to work with an experienced estate planning attorney who understands Florida state laws.

A seasoned attorney can also ensure that all the correct forms are completed, account for all of your assets, and make sure that your wishes are clearly stated in your will and/or trust. An estate planning attorney can also:

  • Establish a durable power of attorney to make medical and financial decisions on your behalf
  • Draft a will and/or trust to outline your wishes
  • Designate the beneficiaries who will receive your assets following your death
  • Find ways to reduce or avoid estate tax when possible
  • Avoid the process of probate court when possible
  • Create an estate plan that addresses your unique needs and concerns
  • Provide sound legal advice for your financial and familial situation
  • Act as a resource during the estate planning process
  • Ensure all documents are legally enforceable

While estate planning is a complex process, working with a qualified attorney can help you establish a legal plan to take care of your loved ones should you become incapacitated or pass away suddenly.

If you would like to gain peace of mind, reach out to us at Rubino Findley, PLLC to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced and compassionate estate planning attorneys.


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