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Will We See a Rise in RV Crashes in 2020?

Will We See a Rise in RV Crashes in 2020?

With many people not wanting to fly due to the Coronavirus pandemic, families are finding other ways to take vacations during the summer. One popular option this year has been to rent or purchase a recreational vehicle (RV) and head off with the family on board to explore different parts of the country. While RVs can be a fun way to travel, they pose the risks of serious RV accidents for various reasons.

Inexperienced drivers – RVs are much larger than regular passenger cars and SUVs, and their size, weight, and height make them more difficult to maneuver. People who start driving without having any training or experience might not know what precautions to take, such as slowing down more on turns, or what to do if they start to lose control.

Distracted drivers – When the entire family is in the car, it can be a distracting situation for a driver. Many RV trips involve having multiple kids in the vehicle who might need assistance on long road trips. This can cause distracted driving crashes.

Drowsy drivers – RV trips often involve long hours on the road traveling from one destination to another. Drivers might try to push through tiredness to make it to their intended stop for the night, which can result in seriously drowsy drivers who might fall asleep at the wheel.

If you are injured in an RV accident, you might have important legal rights, and you should discuss your options with a Boca Raton personal injury attorney.

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